Is Asset Management Similar to Relationship Management?


 1.  Asset Management requires collaboration.


Asset Management Professionals need to work in conjunction with every department inside an organization.  Ensuring others take responsibility and accountability of assets may mean collaborating on business processes, training, and communication strategies.  Teamwork and an attitude of collaboration makes it possible to support objectives and goals of organizations (or relationships!)



2.  You will have arguments along the way


Misunderstandings can be frustrating.  It happens in every organization at every level, and certainly in the area of asset management.  The good news is that challenges are opportunities to learn and create new processes that better serve our mission.  At work and in your personal life, remaining calm and focused to produce win-win results will go a long way toward happiness for both parties.



3.  Planning is necessary.


Can you imagine what your upcoming inventory would be like without the proper planning?  Schedules, kick-off meetings, and training materials should be developed in advance and communicated to teams to ensure success.  Most relationships don’t come with a manual, but communication and planning are essential.  By the way, have you made any plans to honor those close to you on Valentine’s Day?  Better get on that.



4.  Relationships are based on communication and trust.


Listening, honesty, and proactive communication are vital in both personal and professional relationships.  Many asset management professionals are also in long-distance relationships as they work with teams around the country and the world.  Continue to develop communication skills to improve self-expression, but most importantly, to meet the needs of those we serve as asset managers.



5.  Passion keeps the flame burning.


Asset management is a demanding and rewarding profession.  Passion and dedication are needed to accomplish the many challenging and time consuming tasks.  Get out there and advocate for the importance of asset management!